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For the past 20 years, our ice cream and sorbets come from our provider “Glaces des Alpes,” which despite the difficulty of our range’s production. Despite difficulties in the production range, they were still be able to adapt the specific of the criteria to maintain vegetarian and Kosher.

From a highly rigorous selection of raw materials, our range offers a huge quality as long as in ice cream (Valrhona et Barry Callebaut for chocolate,

Chabert and Guillot for the Montélimart’s Nougat, Madagascar’s Bourbon for the vanilla  / Coffee 100% Arabica / Sicily’s Hazelnut) where all of the flavor and fineness of production comes out in a true French way, with a rate from 32% to 65% purity depending the flavour of full fruits.

An ample choice (about twenty for the standard range) in packaging of 750 ml and 2.5 L will please to our different clients, and answer to the wait of the exigent gourmets and gourmands.

NewBacMorane 2014Production of ice creams and sorbets 

Our ice cream and sorbets come from the highest quality ingredients.

All the raw materials are the target of individual analysis by an independent laboratory in end of production in order to guarantee the 0% gluten.


Production of ice creams and sorbets 

Made by our partner “Artisan Glacier” in Vivier du Lac (73), our range of frozen desserts has been elaborated on the same basis of strictness and choice of raw materials for our ice cream in order to please the most demanding all in staying 100% vegetarian.


Some conditions of manufacturing

Which answers as of the European food norms as the strictness of the Kashrout, exclusive range developed by the Glaces Morane.

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Packaging of Tray 2,5 l
Packaging of Tray750 ml
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